Coffee Photography

I have been photographing the coffee world for over 10 years throughout Africa and Asia. My images focus on the human connection.

I photograph people and their links to the coffee supply chain and coffee consumption. My extensive experience in cross-cultural contexts and agricultural communities enables me to engage women, men and youth in both casual interactions, or while they do their work.

My approach to personalised coffee photography:

  • Visualise what makes each origin different

  • Create a series of images to show people at work along a supply chain

  • Use imagery to create an emotional connection for people, allowing contemplation, consideration and sometimes a call to action

  • Create compelling images of cafés at work, including their customers, for use with social media and search engine optimisation strategies.

My images are published widely, including:

  • Annual reports and progress reports

  • Online and print articles

  • Newsletters

  • Conferences

  • Social media

  • Business and NGO websites

  • Roasters and cafés

My work is available for rent or sale for business and organisational marketing and promotional use.

Want unique, custom photography for your coffee project or business? Contact me