Stories of People Behind the Coffee

I believe there is real value in learning, collaboration and sharing stories. We are happy to pay top dollar for a morning cup of coffee but how often do we think about where it comes from?

I want to raise awareness about many coffee producers’ poverty and their complex supply chains which are subject to price volatility and political and environmental instabilities.  

I write stories to support the coffee industry to implement innovations, embrace complexity, foster partnerships and learn from other perspectives.

Mostly, I write because I love exploring the people behind the brew, their stories, histories and hopes.

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I had the opportunity to interact and work with Nicole during her research phase for the articles about coffee in Madagascar. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicole. She is very driven, thorough in her research and an excellent writer with great work ethic. As a social scientist, she strives to make a difference in the communities that she portrays in her articles by bringing the issues faced by these communities to the forefront.
— Dr. Sarada Krishnan, Coffee Genetic Resources Specialist Director of Horticulture and Global Initiates at Denver Botanic Gardens
It was so interesting and enlightening to read Nicole’s articles in Perfect Daily Grind. The wide knowledge and research show the huge potential Zimbabwe had and could still have in the world of coffee. I am from Zimbabwe and grew up on a farm but never knew to what extent the coffee producers in Zimbabwe impacted the world market. I’m so encouraged and hopeful because of what Nicole has done.
— Colleen Horsley, mixed crop farmer, Zimbabwe
I met Dr Nicole Motteux when she visited Zimbabwe to research backstories about coffee production. She produced an article titled Zimbabwean Coffee: Rising From The Ashes. She is one of the most professional writers I have ever met in my career. She treated all the information we gave her with confidentiality, she gave us time to review draft articles before publishing, and sought farmer consent when taking photos. She produced high-quality articles with information to support improved understanding of development issues by various coffee stakeholders.
— Midway Bhunu, Coffee Program Manager TechnoServe Zimbabwe
Nicole is a well-informed, collaborative and culturally-sensitive researcher and writer. I had the opportunity to connect with Nicole in my role as Assistant Director of Saffron Coffee - a crop to cup coffee company in northern Laos, working with remote hill-tribe farming families. Nicole ensured a high level of trust by undertaking extensive research, maintained confidentiality where necessary, and verified quotes and opinions related to the work of coffee producers and related development issues, prior to publishing. I highly recommend Nicole and her work.
— Derek Smith, Assistant Director, Saffron Coffee, Laos

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  • I’ve lived and worked in coffee-growing countries my whole life

  • I’ve worked in rural community development for over 20 years

  • I understand the cultures and social needs of many small-scale coffee producers

  • I have empathy, passion and an insatiable curiosity about the world