Sustainable Coffee Development Specialist

Sustainability and good practice in the coffee industry starts with you. 

It’s about connecting and empowering people throughout the supply chain - coffee growers, traders, café owners and consumers

And it’s about encouraging positive change – a better future for people and the environment using good agricultural practices and development of livelihoods, markets for the poor, relationship coffee, traceability and accountability.

Your business can be a leader and supporter of positive change in the coffee industry.  

And I can help you make it happen. 

Why work with a sustainable coffee advocate like me? 


  • I have 20+ years’ experience on coffee farms and in coffee supply chains 

  • I can identify key opportunities for your business

  • I can conduct evaluations, rapid appraisals and monitor shared value investments with INGOs, traders and multinationals

  • I can help build your relationships in the global coffee trade

  • I can support your organisation through every step of the sustainable supply chain

I work directly with companies in the coffee industry through 4 key services:  

Supply Chain Appraisal

I conduct rapid appraisal quality control to ensure a company and its key stakeholders (e.g. producers, collectors, and traders and processors) share value in the supply chain. Specifically, I offer the following services:

  • Identify, map and assess corporate sustainability and shared value activities (e.g. projects in targeted countries) throughout a coffee supply chain

  • Mainstream gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in operations and market systems

  • Conduct rapid appraisal quality control to ensure a company and its key stakeholders (e.g. producers, collectors and traders, processors) share value in the supply chain

  • Produce evidence-based information for product labels and on-line brand information and communication

  • Support design, delivery and monitoring of company projects working with coffee producers, with a focus on improved livelihoods through good practice sustainable coffee production

  • Support communication, engagement and differentiation of company actions for growers, collectors and traders at the origin of the supply chain.

Case Studies of Origin, Terroir & Supply Chain Value-Adding

I can assist you to differentiate, package and promote your products using evidence-based research:

  • Quantitatively research and write case studies of origin, terroir and supply chain value-adding designed to support brand recognition

  • Deliver evidence-based information to link corporate projects and sustainability actions with company products in the minds of key customers (e.g. retailers and consumers)

  • Support communication, engagement and differentiation of company actions for buyers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers at the end of the supply chain.

Quality Assurance of Shared Value Investments

  • Evaluate the return on sustainable supply chain investments and report performance to shareholders and other stakeholders

  • Conduct evaluations, rapid appraisals and/or monitor company shared value investments with NGOs, traders, processors and communities

  • Collect and analyse performance information to demonstrate quantitative and qualitative return on investment for coffee company shareholders

  • Produce images, information and story examples to communicate to key customers (e.g. retailers and consumers) for brand differentiation and enhanced market penetration

  • Support companies to report against SDG17 and other shared value agreements

Design & Delivery of Shared Value Investments

Ensure that direct trading and projects at the origin of a supply chain are based on good development practice:

  • Engage growers, traders and other local stakeholders (e.g. local government and civil society)

  • Identify, map and assess the current coffee production and trading situation

  • Use participatory methods to understand the development priorities of growers, traders and other local stakeholders

  • Identify overlapping interests between these stakeholders and the company

  • Develop action plans and shared value projects that benefit the company and its supply chain origin stakeholders to share value in the supply chain

  • Prepare performance assessment and reporting tools for growers, traders, local stakeholders and the company to develop a shared body of evidence to track performance

I also provide coffee communication services through branded content, event speaking and photography.