Coffee Articles & Branded Content

I share the stories of coffee farmers, producers and small-scale sellers in Africa and Asia, and consumers globally. My articles focus on coffee origins and history, conscious coffee and consumer choices, coffee farming and the environment, and coffee producers and their lives.

My aim is to deliver:

  • Stories that bring alive culture, language, traditions and politics, as well as the economy and trade of coffee production, processing and markets

  • Independent articles for popular industry publications with national and international audiences

  • Accurate and engaging information for travellers to help their explorations and adventures from the seed to the cup

Using a storytelling narrative, I also write branded content and articles for coffee companies.  

My branded content aims to deliver: 

  • Engaging, informative case studies on the producers, collectors and traders involved in  sourcing sustainable, high-quality coffee

  • Increased understanding of origin and specialty coffee products for key stakeholders, such as processors, retailers and consumers

  • Greater customer appreciation for good practice and sustainable coffee supply chains, in line with relevant brands

  • Accurate, evidence-based copy for product labels and on-line brand information and communication

  • Well-researched, branded coffee content for websites and product promotion