Nicole Motteux

I am a sustainable coffee advocate and coffee development specialist.


I have 30+ years’ experience in coffee farming and the industry.

I help coffee businesses and organisations improve their sustainability.


Sustainable Coffee Development Services

I work with you to deliver supply chain appraisals, performance assessments, case studies of origin and terroir, quality assurance of shared value assets, and to identify key business opportunities and build global sustainability relationships.

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Coffee Articles
& Branded Content

I share stories about coffee farmers, producers and small-scale sellers in Africa and Asia, and consumers globally. I also write branded content for sustainable businesses to educate consumers and empower actors in the coffee supply chain.

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Coffee Events & Speaking

I am a sustainable coffee speaker for festivals, workshops, presentations and other events. I explore the economic, political and social realities of the coffee sector and promote a sustainable coffee industry.

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Coffee Photography

I have been photographing the coffee world for over 10 years throughout Africa and Asia. My images focus on the human connection. My work is available for reports, articles, social media, conferences and print.

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Your daily cup of coffee impacts the world.

I write articles about people, places, cultures and the production chain of coffee in different countries around the world.


I’m dedicated to sustainable change in the coffee industry.

I grew up on a coffee plantation in Zimbabwe. You could say coffee is in my blood. I’ve lived it, studied it and worked in it.

Changes are necessary in the global coffee production chain. And sustainable change is the best way to achieve this.

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