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The Many Faces of Coffee

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Looking for personal, inspiring coffee photography for your business communications?

I am inspired and curious by the life and livelihoods of people. Images raise awareness in the coffee industry - about opportunities, challenges, politics and environmental issues.

My coffee images cover the entire supply chain, including cafés, roasters, coffee consumers and their intermediaries. They focus on the human connection of coffee against varying environmental, social and political backdrops. I have worked in the field in Australia, Laos, Madagascar, UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Vietnam.  

A range of my coffee images are published by Perfect Daily Grind.  Each image involved engaging people from different backgrounds, countries and parts of the supply chain – from coffee producers to CEOs of large traders or roasters. Other images and videos are on my LinkedIn page.

My images are available for rent or sale for business and organisational marketing and promotional use. Contact me.



IN THE FIELD – Zimbabwe

Six months after the end of Robert Mugabe's 37-year stronghold as president of Zimbabwe, I travelled to the coffee belt in the Eastern Highlands. My photographs capture the extreme poverty, the challenges of unemployed rural youth, poor agricultural productivity and failing infrastructure but also the strong spirit of people, young and old, and positivity despite hardship and adversity.

I cannot recommend Nicole enough. She has a gift for building trust with interviewees and strives to represent them and their stories accurately and fairly. Her high-quality photographs also represent rather than stereotype her subjects. Add to this her extensive knowledge about development and the coffee industry, her strong work ethic and professionalism, and her respect for confidentiality, and she is a pleasure to work with.
— Tanya Newton Editorial Consultant, Perfect Daily Grind


IN THE FIELD – Madagascar

When I met Mrs Nirina Moratsara, a street coffee vendor for 15 years, she was laying out her bright blue and yellow tablecloth over a rickety wooden table to serve coffee as the sun rose in Antsiranana, Madagascar.

She took me to the market to see coffee bean traders and producers, for whom coffee is a critical income source. Back at her house, Nirina and her young daughter roasted coffee beans by hand, crouching over the fire and rubbing their eyes from the thick smoke. As the health of thousands of coffee vendors deteriorates so do the trees disappear in Madagascar, creating a huge impact on global coffee biodiversity and the future of the island.

I had the opportunity to interact and work with Nicole during her research phase for the articles about coffee in Madagascar. Nicole is very driven, thorough in her research and an excellent writer with a great work ethic. As a social scientist, she strives to make a difference in the communities that she portrays in her articles by bringing the issues faced by these communities to the forefront.
— Dr. Sarada Krishnan, Coffee Genetic Resources Specialist Director of Horticulture and Global Initiates at Denver Botanic Gardens


I have an extensive photo library for custom photo projects to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Example In 2018, the Association pour le Développement de l'Energie Solaire Suisse contacted me for photographs to use in their social media and report on the impacts of Madagascan household consumption of wood resulting in deforestation, desertification, habitat loss, soil loss and adverse impacts on human health. I provided them with a custom selection of photographs tailored to their needs.

Not only is the article Nicole put together for us on Disease & Deforestation: “The Cost of Coffee in Madagascar” beautiful and of high quality, it was also rewarding to work with her on the understanding of development issues.

Nicole has a professional and personal way of communicating and we truly connected even though it was just per email or on the phone. Promises were kept, submission to check were sent in time and her photos are of great quality. I am looking forward to working with Nicole in the future.
— Rita Bachmann, CEO, ADES Association pour le Développement de l'Energie Solaire Suisse, Madagascar


I can work with your organisation to develop and implement photoshoots for your specific project.

Example In 2007, I planned and implemented a photoshoot for the Australian-funded Integrated Rural Development Program, in the central coastal province of Quang Ngai, Vietnam. I worked with the Project Director, the team and photographer to draw up a storyboard and explore ideas for the photoshoot. I then communicated with local officials on the intentions of the photoshoot. The photoshoots provided a wide selection of images covering all aspects of the program.

Need personalised, custom photographs for your communications, reports or social media?